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Comments from professionals:

Pianist and conductor Ralf Gothoni:

It has been a great a pleasure to work with Matti Heinonen!  The outcome holds no room for criticism at least for the part of the recording... Master of his field, Matti is a reliable and calmly inspiring partner.  He has the ability to capture a large but clear orchestral sound and at the same time preserve the particularity of individual instruments. One significant asset for a musician is Matti's effectiveness in setting up the equipment; players need not fear losing their flow because of search for the right sound.

Academician Jorma Panula:

I have the honour to know Matti Heinonen from several recording sessions, and he is always on top of the situation whether working with professionals or amateurs.  As a knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant collaboration partner, he creates a comfortable work atmosphere.  I have never met a better or more versatile professional in Finland.