Pro Audile Ltd, established in autumn 1992, made its first partial recording already in September for the record of The Helsinki Strings in Roihuvuori Church in Helsinki. The first complete recording was Hammerklavier by pianist Juhani Lagerspetz for Finlandia Records in October 1992. Jari Tiessalo was the label’s Producer and Production Manager at the time. This was followed by recordings with the Turku Symphony Orchestra (currently Turku Philharmonic), and soon Pro Audile achieved a considerable role in the field of recording classical music and was responsible for virtually all recordings for Finlandia Records.

The time period also marked the start of friendship and co-operation with Pekka Savijoki, conductor, saxophonist and producer, with the establishment of a joint company.  In many ways I could consider Pekka my musical mentor. The first lessons in recording, however, I learned from Robi de Godzinsky who was my employer for almost four years and taught me the secrets of recording classical music.

At the start of the millennium Pro Audile expanded its operations to sound reinforcement. The market showed clear demand for high-quality sound reinforcement and PA systems.

Audio experiences:

Pro Audile Ltd

Photo: Ronny Teufert